The idea…


I have wanted to make a real game for many years now. After several more or less failed attempts (ranging from Basic-programs on the Commodre 64 to assembly language programs on the Amiga), and a couple of game ports (Doom for Amiga and Quake for DEC OSF/1 AXP), I decided to try to do it right.

Previous attempts had failed mainly because the main focus was on technology (e.g. rendering techniques), and not on structure. Therefor I wanted to focus on the game engine structure this time, and leave some of the technical details for later implementation.

The Game

The game idea I am working on at the moment is so simple that I am sure that it has been done before. And actually it has, at least the basics of it…

If you can imagine a mix between the games Asteroids, Unreal Tournament and Crashday, only this time you are controlling a hover craft, then you have a pretty good idea of what I am trying to do.

Basically, the game will consist of a fairly small, outdoor arena where the players are driving some hover craft-like vehicles, with the goal to wreck one another.

Game Engine

One of the reasons for making this game is that I want to learn how to “put it all together”, so to speak: how to achieve reasonable class structures, how to design the game loop, how to make a scene graph, how to handle user interaction, etc, etc.

For that reason, I did not want to use an existing game engine, although there are many fine open source alternatives, such as Irrlicht Engine, Crystal Space and OGRE 3D.

Realistic Physics

One of the main goals with the game is to achieve a high level of realism in the game physics.