I have prepared a simple preview of Hover Extreme that you can download and install on your Linux or Windows machine.

The download can be found here.

Windows users: Run the installer, and start the game from the Programs menu.

Linux users: Uncompress the archive in your /opt directory, and run /opt/hoverextreme/start-hoverextreme.

Some quick instructions:

  • In the menu screen, press Space to start the game, or Escape to exit.
  • In the game, use the W/A/S/D keys and the cursor Up/Down/Left/Right keys to control player 1 and player 2 respectively. Alternatively, use one or more joysticks.
  • The game ends when one player has fallen off the map ten times, or 10 minutes have passed (or if you press Escape).

Good luck (it can take some time to fully master the hover craft)!

PS. If you wish to have a look at the source, you can browse the Subversion repository.

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